C U S T O M   N U T R I T I O N   P  L A N 

The world is full of conflicting nutritional information, it's confusing, and it can cause you to feel hopeless when seeking to improve your diet.

No two bodies are the same, we all have slightly different dietary needs.

In our work together we will create a custom nutrition plan that works for your body and your schedule. The goal is to create an eating plan that is sustainable for the rest of your LIFE. No quick fixes. No trying to be "perfect". We will create real solutions, specifically for you.

We will also work on reframing belief systems and mindsets that have held you back from achieving your health goals in the past.

You will learn how to:

Eat for your body

Enjoy eating out at restaurants

Combat sugar cravings

Have a healthy relationship with your body image

Stop sabotaging yourself with your diet

Indulge and bounce back to your balanced state quickly

What we will do:

Week 1: You will become a detective- Start to learn how what you're eating makes you feel. Awareness is key.

Week 2: You will Experiment- You will begin to experiment with different foods and eating styles. With the awareness you cultivated in week 1 you will be able to discern what eating style feels best for you.

Week 3: You will make new choices- We will dive deep into choice making around food. This will empower you to steer clear of diets, rules, and dogmas, and teach you to make the choices that feel good for YOU in each moment. 

Week 4: You will start to notice the habits and patterns you have around food- You're awareness will become even broader and you start to notice the way you relate to eating. 

Week 5: You will polish your skills- You will fine-tune any thing that feels like it can be improved. We will take you up a notch in your health in ways you never even imagined, and it will be easy and pleasurable!

Week 6: You will be a master- You will be a master of your eating habits.  You will know how to fuel your body. You will feel confident in your choice making skills. You will feel excellent in your skin. You will continue to be a curious student of life and your body, allowing yourself to make new choices with your eating habits as needed. 

You will walk away with:

A customized meal plan that works for you

A food journal with notes on how different foods affect you

Healthy habits that will last a lifetime


We will meet via phone, FaceTime, Skype, or in person if you are in the LA area. 

Six Weeks| Six 50 minute sessions

REGISTRATION CLOSED Email: hello@nataliecanizares.com to schedule a free consultation and be added to the waiting list