"My time with Natalie was invaluable. Three major changes have taken place since I began working with her. 
1. I value self care. It is now a priority in my life. The result is two fold; I have not been sick in months.  Pretty amazing for a person with notorious bad health (plus allergies and an autoimmune disease). Secondly I now have more energy, time, and focus to care for and be present for those around me. 

2. I feel good in my skin, confident in my choices, and am able to take on projects that before I only dreamed of. Multiple people have commented on the power in my presence, which I attribute to showing up for myself in a way I had not done before working with Natalie. 

3. I have changed other people's expectations of who I am. This has been ultimately good, but honestly,also difficult. I have lost friends, let go of well paying jobs, and confronted unexpected conflict. When you become confident in who you are and the choices you are making people can be strangely threatened. The flip side of this is that I am a better communicator. I know exactly what my expectations are of myself and those around me and many of my most important relationships, including my marriage have vastly improved. 

I worked with Natalie during one of the craziest times of my life, travel, death in the family, acting in and producing a film and theatre piece, and laying the groundwork for my lifelong dream art collective. She helped me immensely and I don't think I could have pulled off these successes as gracefully without her. She is kind, compassionate, and firm. If you have the opportunity to be coached by her do it!" -Ciara G, NYC

"Working with Natalie has been essential to helping me discover my strength as a human being and a woman. She taught me that my vulnerability is a beautiful and powerful force, not something to be ashamed of. That my fears and frustrations are an important and welcome component on my journey of self growth. Thanks to Natalie self care has become an essential part of my life. She’s given me the tools to help me make choices that will serve and fuel my physical and emotional self on a daily basis, (a huge lesson that needed to be learned on my part).
I am so grateful for her knowledge, kindness, and passion for helping others. She has been so crucial in helping me through my bad days in the past 6 months. She is a nonjudgmental, truly transformative force that I feel lucky to have on my side as I continue to grow and live my best self." -Jessica R, LA

"Balance is something I thought I was achieving because I swung extremely between “right” and “wrong” in equal portions, but my mind/body was growing tired, my health was suffering from the binges, and I decided to truly seek out symmetry. I feared that finding help would result in a teacher/student relationship (which, as natural-born rebel, doesn’t jive well with my personality), but after speaking with Natalie I realized that she was a partner on my journey; a journey that required me to dive deeper than I thought. 
For six months she was my external mirror, reflecting back by celebrating my beauty and accomplishments, but also dishing out the reality when I needed it. She took my whims, mood swings, and random curiosities in stride and helped me make sense of them all, gently moving me each week closer to achieving a true balance for me. When I started, I thought
that in six months I would have a better body, but what ended up emerging was a totally different person. With her help, my lifelong struggle melted away to reveal a life I didn’t think I could possibly live, and yes, truly achieving balance."- Amanda B, NYC

"I can’t recommend Natalie highly enough!! Working with her over the course of six months, I made incredible progress. I came to Natalie constantly tired and stressed, always anxious about my weight and appearance, and feeling overwhelmed and drained. She gave me the tools and support I needed to take on whatever came my way, completely changed my outlook on life, and put me on a path driven forward by radical self-love.  She truly changed my life, I am so grateful to her! I didn’t come out of these six months a whole new person, I simply became more of the person I really am, and it feels amazing."- Stefanie E, LA

"Working with Natalie has been a wonderful experience! We worked together to take my entangled life full of fear, dreams & doubt and step by step make sustainable changes to help me to reach my goals and become more that I ever thought I could on my own. With Natalie's sweet loving tone and approach to her work she has helped me to feel so supported through the changes that I have made and helped me to really grow outside of my comfort zones and grow internally too. I consider her a sidekick on my awesome journey, without her I'd just be a girl standing in a batman suit with no idea what to do next.
Thank you Natalie!!" -Kimberly C, Chicago

"Natalie is talented at getting to the heart of the issue and stayed with me as we unraveled the knot that was getting in my way.  She was a genius at helping me set goals and reaching them.  In the three short months we worked together I felt like I overcame giant hurdles and now feel truly balanced.  Natalie is smart, has a gentle but direct approach and is an incredibly talented coach." -Marcy D, Chicago

"Working with Natalie has truly been an eye opening experience. She has helped me to find my own voice and figure out a way to live my life that is sincere and genuine to who I am. One of the big exercises that we went through was understanding what truly makes me happy and motivates me. I was surprised how little I knew about myself! Once we identified what makes me tick, Natalie helped me to break down what it would mean to lead a life that is focused on those interests. She helped me set goals and clearly defined steps to get to that life. By breaking down decisions into actionable steps, I feel that reaching and achieving a more centered and balanced life is within reach.
In addition to working through big life changes, Natalie helped to arm me with mental tools that can be applied on a regular basis when I'm having a bad day or just feeling off. Working to get these tools was not always easy-- Natalie pushed me to think through pieces of myself that aren't pretty to get to the core of who I am. By doing this, and working with Natalie, I have found that I now understand myself better and possess the capabilities to ensure that I lead a life that is genuine and centered." -Caroline W, Chicago