1. YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU  |  There is no other individual on the planet who knows your truth better than you do. Sometimes you need guidance to help  you hear yourself again, but you ultimately always know.

2. YOUR LIFE IS YOUR WORK OF ART  |  Each choice you make is a brush stroke in the masterpiece that is your life. There is no need to be perfect. Some brushstrokes go up, some go down, and there's always the opportunity to make new choices.

3. SELF LOVE IS KEY  |  Self affirmation, self acceptance, self care, it all comes back to self love. I believe in loving yourself, above and beyond what most people consider "normal". When you give yourself this kind of unconditional love, you are able to offer that depth of love and care to the people in your life and to the world.

3 Keys to B A L A N C E

EAT |  Food that nourishes body. Practice eating as a form of self-care, not a form of punishment. Eat clean whole foods that fuels you... AND allow yourself the pleasure of conscious indulgences. (Remember, it's all about balance)

MOVE |  Your body in a way that moves your soul. Allow movement to provide a safe space of healing and strength building for you. Remember that intentional stillness is as important as exercise.

CHOOSE |  The thoughts you allow yourself to focus on. Never be in resistance to where you're at, but allow yourself to make the choices that bring you closer to where you want to be each and every day. Learn to hear yourself so clearly that you can make a new choice in each moment. You have NO obligation to be who you were yesterday. Do not subscribe to dogma, do not follow rules. Always come back to yourself. 

Through these principles we find  B A L A N C E  in our lives and are able to live with true strength.