Why Your Body Isn't Giving You What You Want

How do you typically go about asking someone for a favor?

Do you scream and shout and demand that they do what you tell them to do?

Are you bossy and arrogant and then annoyed when they don’t do it?

And then when they don’t help you out, are you surprised that they no longer want to be your friend?

This all sounds totally crazy right?

You would never demand your friend do something for you. You would ask politely. You’re a nice person.

But are you a nice person when it comes to asking things of yourself?

When you’re trying to lose weight, or integrate healthy habits into your life, do you go about asking your body to work with you in a kind and polite way, similarly to how you would ask your best friend for something?

So often, the answer to this question is no.

A lot of times, we feel like our bodies are our enemies. Like we’re trapped in them, and they’re constantly doing everything they can to work against us.

This frustration leads to us treating our bodies badly, using harsh language, and creating a cycle of frustration.

No matter what you want from your body, you’re never going to get it without treating yourself with kindness. And even if you do get it by being harsh with yourself, it won’t last, that’s not sustainable. Eventually your body will revolt, and you’ll be even further from where you want to be then when you started. 

Think about being in a relationship with your body, it’s a two way street. What’s the most important part about any functional relationship? Communication. 

You’re constantly communicating with your body whether you’re aware of it or not. 

Every judgmental thought you have towards yourself.

Every time you step on a scale, feel frustrated, and mutter angry words.

Every time you feel like you should stop drinking but you say screw it and have one more.

You are always in open communication with your body. And it’s constantly recording everything you’re saying and doing to it. 

Why Your Body Isn't Giving You What You Want

You know the saying, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with salt.”

That applies to the relationship you have with your body.

What if you treated yourself with the kindness an compassion you share with your best friends? 

What if you learned how to be patient with your body, and instead of immediately getting frustrated when something isn’t working, you get curious about new ways to help yourself?

What if you allowed your body the space to tell you what IT needs to function optimally?

I, myself, used to believe that my body was a thing that needed to be controlled, that it was working against me, and that I needed to fight it until it surrendered to me. But that led me nowhere fast, and honestly, I felt terrible all of the time. Because when my body was hungry I didn’t want to feed it, and when I did feed it, I fed it what I thought I was supposed to eat, not what I was hungry for. It was exhausting. 

When I realized that my body was not something to be fought but instead something to be embraced and nurtured, finding my balance and being healthy became a breeze.

So this week, consider treating your body with kindness, imagine it’s your very best friend.

Ask it what it wants, what it really wants, and allow it the opportunity to surprise you.

After all, it’s pretty smart, it has been keeping you alive all of this time.