My Favorite Wellness Resources

My Favorite Wellness Resources

It's been a while since I shared anything here- you can check out my last post if you're curious about why I've been kind of M.I.A.- Reflections and Realizations

While I've been quiet on the internet I've been focusing a lot on my own well being and self-care, and I wanted to share some resources that I've found extremely helpful.

The Chalkboard Mag has become my absolute favorite go-to for pretty much anything wellness related. When I want to find a good probiotic, or even a new skin care regimen, I search for it there- and I have yet to be disappointed. 

I took a hiatus from cooking for a bit (aside from my daily oatmeal) but lately I've started cooking more and I love Oh She Glows website for delicious plant based recipes. She's got everything from super healthy meals to comfort foods, and let's be honest we all need both.

I recently started listening the the Rich Roll Podcast and have been loving it. I'm actually not huge into podcasts but this one resonates with me. I especially loved his episode with Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams recently- very interesting and inspirational.

Cheers to wellness!