A New Kind Of Beautiful

self-care bath

Last night I stood in the mirror and felt truly beautiful.

I wasn't wearing a stitch of makeup, I was in my pajamas, and I had just taken a shower. My skin wasn't perfectly even, my hair was wet, and my eyes looked tired, but I felt beautiful.

After having spent the day talking to other women about self-care, confidence, internal and external beauty, I was curious about what was happening in that moment that had me feeling so incredibly good in my skin.

Then it dawned on me.

I had just spent the evening practicing self-care.

After a long day of sessions, yoga and writing, I carved out a good hour to focus on nothing other than myself. I dry brushed my skin before my shower, then I bathed, and after I moisturized my entire body with coconut oil, washed my face, and then applied toner and moisturizer to it. That's all. There was nothing all that special about what I did, just basic grooming with some lovely products and quiet time, but it made all the difference in the way I felt. 

The older I get, the more I crave feeling truly good in my skin. The more I want to feel beautiful with and without makeup, the more I want to be the real me. And as I experience that I find that the more I care for myself the more beautiful I feel.

This is a very different approach from my younger years.

In my early twenties I would boost my confidence by going shopping, buying a new dress, trying out new makeup techniques, and going out. I found my confidence externally, and sought to build it through external means. At times this worked, but more often it didn't. Buying a new dress or putting on red lipstick would totally pick me up and make me feel beautiful but it was a different kind of beauty, a fleeting beauty. The kind of beauty that would smudge throughout the night and would make me afraid of people seeing what was underneath. I was horrified of leaving the house without makeup on. I thought the spots of unevenness on my skin showed a deeper flaw within me, and that unless I learned how to cover my flaws I wouldn't really be or feel beautiful. 

My experience of beauty now is so different, it's like a thing that radiates from within, I'm no longer hiding, and beauty to me no longer equals perfection. Because I feel beautiful now when I feel confident from the inside.

Full disclosure, I still have days and moments where I feel less than stellar about myself, because I'm human and this is a journey. But the difference now is those moments are fleeting, I know they will pass, and I have a deep understanding that my true value doesn't sit on the surface of my skin. 

I consciously cultivate my confidence by practicing self-care.

I always used to wonder what comes first, do you feel so good about yourself that you then choose to practice self-care or do you practice self-care and through that create confidence. For me, it's definitely the ladder. Through self-care I cultivate confidence within myself. 

If you're craving confidence and want to feel really good in your skin, try focusing on how you're caring for yourself. Set aside time to do the things that help you feel nourished. Instead of looking for external solutions see if you can find the feeling your seeking within yourself.

Download my printable (FREE) self-care checklist! I made it just for you with lots of love :)