GLOW from the inside out- {part 2}, Connect to joy

glow from the inside out

What does connecting to joy have to do with glowing from the inside out? EVERYTHING! Feeling true joy sparks your inner light, it fans the fire, and it emanates from every part of you. 

Knowing how to connect to joy and making it a priority will literally change the way you look and feel both to yourself and to the people around you.

What makes you feel joyful? Do you know?

It's surprising to realize how disconnected you might be from knowing what brings you joy. I often find that when I ask people this question they feel stumped. But ask them what irritates them... and they have a list of 20 things they can't wait to talk about.

This isn't a reflection on people being negative, rather a reflection on what we tend to focus on and value as a society. Joy, happiness, and ease are all things that are usually associated with being a child. When you become an adult you're expected to prioritize the "important" things and leave the joy and light heartedness to kids. The only time it's generally socially acceptable to be totally silly and let loose is when alcohol is involved (and that's another topic that I will cover soon). The thing is joy IS important. I would say it's as important as going to work and making sure your basic needs are met. Because without joy, you flatline and when you flatline you feel disconnected from your purpose. 

So what's the solution? Make joy a PRIORITY! Make connecting to joy as important as going to work or paying your bills... because it is that important. 

In my last post, GLOW from the inside out {part 1}, Igniting your inner light, I talked about how when you were young, you were your truest self and you weren't afraid of being judged so you let your light shine bright... connecting to joy is similar. It's something you more than likely knew how to do very well as a child and forgot as you grew up. But now's your chance to connect back to that younger you... to that version of you that chased butterflies and skinned her knees.

Glowing is about so much more than putting on shiny makeup products and eating a ton of vegetables, although that really does help. Glowing, in large part, comes from a feeling, and that's where joy comes into play. 

What brings you joy?

Walking past fresh flowers and breathing in their sweet aroma?
Dancing around your room in your underwear and blasting Katy Perry?
Doing yoga?
Eating a delicious meal?
Watching birds fly?
Literally any answer is the right answer if it's true to you.


List 5 things that bring you joy in a journal or in your notes on your phone. Think about them, visualize them, and imagine how you will feel when you do each of those things. Then set the intention every morning for the next five mornings to connect to joy. Try to do one of the five things you listed every day for the next 5 days, and watch how you start to glow a little bit more. 

Side note: Connecting to your joy does not mean that you're going to feel over the top happy and ecstatic all of the time, and it also doesn't mean that you won't face challenges. What it DOES mean is that you will have the tools to be able to pull yourself out of a slump or get through a tough time a little bit more easily and gracefully than you would otherwise.  

Cheers to your joy!