To Creative Women

As creative women we face the obstacle of overcoming ourselves. We are always the one standing in our own way.

As creative women we are blessed with acute sensitivity, it’s what makes us great at what we do, it’s what makes our message worth sharing, and it’s also what prevents us from allowing ourselves to shine and share our gifts with the world. We often find ourselves in a state of internal conflict because our sensitivity is matched with vision and the pull to do something more, to create our dreams into realities, to help people, to share what we have to offer.

Sometimes, we mistake our grace and sensitivity with weakness. Sometimes, we feel like if we go too far from what’s safe, we might break. And this is where the conflict is born, the space between our dreams and our fears.

As creative women we are nurturing and loving and because of our nature we often feel the need to make sure those around us are happy, and more so that everyone around us approves of what we are doing. It is this need for approval that can keep so many of us small, minimized, not fully expressed, and afraid.

As creative women we are adaptable, our nurturing nature allows us to adapt to situations that seem to make the people around us happy. It is that adaptability that turns into habit, and the habit which becomes our lives.

As a creative woman you may find yourself in a job you don’t feel good about, putting you’re dreams off until a hypothetical “tomorrow", and you’ve completely forgotten about who you really are, because your need for approval and the illusion of safety have kept you from doing what you actually want. But what’s more dangerous… taking a risk on your dreams, taking a risk on yourself, or staying stuck where you are?

As a creative woman I can speak to this so clearly because I’ve been there. Many times.

As a creative woman it is my mission to help women free themselves from the fear of judgement and need for approval so that they can stop trying to be perfect and start living the life they want to live. Now.

If you are ready to step into the next chapter of your life where you are bringing your gifts to the world so that you can start affecting change in your life and the lives of others and you’re still having a hard time freeing yourself from shackles of your own limitations and this is causing you to feel frustrated, unfulfilled, and stuck I have something that might help... it might not... but it might.

I have created a badass results based training for 6 women who are tired of playing small and ready to shine their light. If this resonates with you, send me an email at… and we’ll see if you’re one of the 6.