Make Self Care an Indulgent Experience

Last week one of my best girl friends visited me from New York City. It was her first time in Chicago, and I had so much fun showing her around.


Even though I have high standards for what I put in my body, we ate out quite a few times (at local/organic, delicious restaurants). Not to mention we had our fair share of fancy cocktails.


I’m all about enjoying yourself and choosing what feels right for you in the moment as opposed to living by some stiff set of rules. So even though I don’t drink alcohol on a regular basis, it felt great to go out and have drinks with my friend.


Of course the dinners and drinks were accompanied by equal amounts of Yoga and juice, but nonetheless by the end of the week I could feel my body asking for a break.


Being that it’s summer in the city and everyone is trying to soak up every last bit of fun, social events involving food and alcohol are happening left and right. So not participating in those things has to be a conscious choice. 


I decided to spend this week really focusing on caring for myself. 


Instead of making it about not doing things, I’ve made it about all of the things I am going to do.


Rather than saying, “I’m not going to drink, I’m not going to eat at any restaurants, I’m not going to have any gluten…” I’m saying. “I’m going to focus on eating clean, I’m going to nourish my body, and I’m going to do what feels really good for me right now.”


Allow the experience of caring yourself to be one that is pleasurable. 

It might be a simple shift in language, but it makes all the difference.

A lot of people have a hard time taking action on caring for themselves because they think of it as an act that will cause some kind of deprivation or sense of lack. 

They feel like they have to give up so much that it’s not worth it to them to actually follow through with their instinct to go into self care mode.

Flipping that perspective can take an experience that might feel like it’s causing you to miss out and turn it into a lavish and exciting experience. 

So this week I am taking extra time to create calming bubble baths for myself.

I’m making all of my own meals and putting extra care into each thing that I put into my body.

And most importantly, I’m listening to my body.

Next time you feel like you need to take a time-out from normal life and really invest in some You time, allow it to be fun. See how much you can enjoy the experience of adding in more self-care practices as opposed to eliminating “bad” habits.