Living Your Life As A Work of Art - Part 1

I woke up feeling lonely this morning. Having ended a relationship in recent months and moving to a new city, I was feeling the waves of emotion rolling through.

Knowing I'm always a handful of choices away from a totally 'new' experience, I realized I had a choice to make.

Do I want to feel like this the rest of the day? Or do I want to feel and experience something entirely new?

My answer? I wanted an entirely new experience.

And if each moment holds the possibility of creation, that means each time I choose (or don't choose), I am creating exactly the experience I'm having... painting the portrait I want... choreographing the dance I wish to perform.

I could have easily played that story out. I'm quite masterful at it when I want to be. I had all the 'tools' at my disposal: a couch, Netflix, and my cat to keep me company.

But instead I chose.

I chose big, bold, and bright colors to paint my canvas of today.

I walked into my favorite shop, (@fleurinc). And I walked out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

My mood changed. I was feeling lighter. Nothing could wipe the smile off my face.

No, the flowers didn't "solve" anything. They simply opened the space for me to feel something new... something fresh... something beautiful. 


And that new space they created in me allowed me to have a totally different experience of life today.

From that place, everything looked different. And just like a fuchsia brush stoke across a painting changes the entire image, making the choice to buy myself flowers did exactly that for me.

So I ask you, can you live your life as if it were a work of art? 

If you did, what's your next brush stroke? Your next color? Is it bright and colorful? Or is it dull and grey?

Do you paint with intention? With creativity? Guided by your intuition?

Or do you continue to seek that which always seems to stay just beyond your grasp?