Don't forget to thank yourself.

I woke up today with an overwhelming feeling of sheer and utter gratitude.

Gratitude to the Universe, gratitude to nature, gratitude to my family, gratitude to my friends and loved ones… and most importantly gratitude to myself.

Even though I am aware of how lucky I am to have ALL of the support I do from the people in my life, I know that there is no amount of support that can make anyone take action… it’s always up to You.

So I am thankful to myself today. Thankful for my courage and ability to leap when I knew I had to.

There have been many moments in the past few months where I could have decided to go against my feeling, stay where it was “safe” and continue to do the things that weren’t in support of my dreams coming true. And I am SO glad that I had didn’t do that.

It’s amazing to feel the universe nudging you in a direction, and to have people in your life that love and support you, but that will not actually change your life.

Only YOU can change your life. It’s always only up to You.

That responsibility can appear heavy at times but it’s actually the key to lightness. Knowing that it’s always up to You.

You are always only a handful of choices away from having a COMPLETELY different experience.

Oh and by the way… some pretty amazing things happen when you live like this. The reward is always worth the push that’s required.

Love you guys.