Each moment is a moment of creation

Can you live your life as though it were a work of art?

Simply put, that’s what it is.

Each moment is a moment of creation.

This breath…your next step…your eyes scanning this very screen. Creation is happening through YOU.

When I choreographed dance, what excited me most was the container of space in which each and every thing happened with intention.

Intention is everything.

If the dancer’s hand moves an inch to the left, they are not simply moving their hand, they are moving their hand with purpose. Purpose and the knowing that the way they move their hand to the left in this moment will affect the entirety of the piece of work.

As I take this love for intention and clarity out of the dance studio and into my life, I am able to see time and again how each choice I make is one that is part of an even bigger picture.

It’s beautiful to create space for myself in which every moment counts and every moment is cared for.

So, I ask you:
Can you live your life as though you were a work of art? Can you utilize the power of intention with each moment you create.

Life is the dance and You are the dancer.

Can you move with care and ease? Can you see the beauty in this very moment? As you take a breath, can you feel the (literal) inspiration?

With that care and intention you become responsible for your life. You allow yourself the power to create exactly what it is you want/need/see for yourself. You stop looking for the good thing to happen and allow yourself to experience the good thing that IS you, that is happening right now, all around you.

You don’t need to look for beauty, because the beauty is in the intention you carry.

Zoom out. You are dancing in the work of art that is life which is a piece of the beautiful work of art of the entire planet.

A painting within a painting within a painting.