Do you save the best bite for last?

You’re sitting at a table eating lunch. And your lunch is good… really good.


Some parts of it are more exciting then others, so, like most people, you decide to eat the least fun parts first. Get all of the lettuce out of the way — even though you’re secretly eying and vying the parts you can’t wait to eat. The salmon burger is grilled to perfection and waiting patiently for you to take a bite.


Like a world-class surgeon, you strategically pick around your plate to where the real work resides. Alas you end up with your favorite part of the meal. You’ve reached the summit — the very last bite. And of course you saved the best bite for last!


You devour it. It’s better than you expected. Your taste buds are praising you. Your stomach is satiated. Your plate is clear and you can move on with your day. 



But I have a question.


Why did you save the best bite for last? 


Really… why? (I’m actually asking.)


Why would you make yourself wait for that which you REALLY want?


Isn’t your instinct to take the bite you want to take NOW?


“Well, Natalie, because then I have something good to look forward to.”


That’s how you’ve always done it?


That’s how mom and dad did it?


If you take the best bite now that means you won’t have any good bites left later?!


You don’t know actually know?






You may have suspected it, as I’m not very sneaky. But we aren’t just talking about your lunch plate anymore.


So often our instinct — you know that voice inside you… your gut! — is to do the thing that lights us up most, to go for the moment that is truly exciting to us.


Except we can bump into the aspects of us that are scared to go there, the parts of us that want to be in the struggle. They crave the struggle and drama.


But here’s the funny thing. In life there is no last. At the least, there is a “next.” Even that’s a stretch.


Yet this is it — this tiny little moment right now.


It’s all you have. It’s all you will EVER have.


Thanks to being human, we hold projections of tomorrow or even of the moment following this one; but all that is actually real is the moment you are experiencing right now… and now… and now.


The parts of us that feel we need to struggle and try hard to earn the ‘good’ and pleasurable moments aren’t actually supporting us to have the best bite of life right now, nor are they supporting the later moments. (Why? Remember: there is no later!)


How many times have you looked in your closet and eyed your favorite new dress admiringly only to put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt because you’re “saving” that dress for a “special” occasion?


I’ll be honest. I’ve done that more than once, probably more like one x one hundred. It’s been my pattern to put it off and wait for the “right” moment.


What we are really doing is training ourselves to think we have to wait for the good moments.


Do you save the best bite for last? How we do one thing is how we do everything. Where else in your life are you saving the best bite (of life) for last?


Where are you not allowing yourself to experience the joy and pleasure of taking that bite exactly when you want it?


Just like your life, if all that you’re left with is the “boring” stuff after taking that bite you really want… start creating meals (and life experiences) where every bite excites you. And sometimes it’s not the meal that needs to change, it’s simply your perspective.


You don’t have to save the best bite for last. Take the best bite. Right now.