Ordinary Magic

Waking up in a funk is never fun.

Yesterday when I opened my eyes to find the sky cloudy for the second day in a row, I felt underwhelmed at the thought of getting out of bed. Feeling a bit down, I laid awake for a while letting my thoughts take me on many roller coasters. Dips and turns of “what if’s” and “how comes”, a ride that could last for hours if I allowed it.

As I became aware of what I was doing I realized that it wasn’t going to make me feel any better so I made a choice, and that choice was to support myself. I stood up, walked to the corner of my room and sat down to meditate with the intention of getting out of my head and back into my feeling. As I closed my eyes and connected in the ride of my mind slowed down and eventually became very quiet. And even though there were little peeps, they became white noise and they grew less important with each breath I took.

What a gift it is to be quiet.

About 15 minutes later, I opened my eyes and what I saw AMAZED me. Everything looked bright and alive. The sun didn’t come peeking out from behind the clouds. Nothing physical changed shape in my room. I was simply present. Present to experience the magic of everything around me, seen and unseen.

With a new sense of sweetness I reached over to my glass of water to take a sip. While I was drinking I noticed something through the bottom of the glass- a tiny little anchor. How had I never noticed this before? I have been drinking out of these glasses for nearly ten years and I’ve never seen this tiny anchor… NEVER!

My smile spread so wide from my mouth all the way to my heart. What a joy to notice the details. I laughed out of disbelief. How funny that you can see something for so many years and still not see ALL of it. One minute it doesn’t exist to you and the next minute… Poof! It’s there.

Moments like these are pure magic. So much more becomes available to you in that place. The "normal” things in your daily routine suddenly become special.

I got just as much of a thrill out of noticing that detail as I have traveling to new places in the world. You don’t need to be standing at the top of a mountain to see the beauty of life. It’s all here for you to see as long as you’re willing to open your eyes. And the best part is, there is always more to go. More layers to be seen. More depth to experience.

I went from feeling down to blissful within 30 minutes. It was like restarting the day and waking up to a beautifully sun drenched room.

The rest of my day was informed by that moment. As I continued on to the Logan Square Farmers Market, I felt so grateful for the simplicity and complexity of everything. Walking amongst the vegetables was such a joy, and a more fulfilling experience than shopping at the Farmers Market had ever been before. The colors were vibrant and the plants were full of life.


The moment I noticed the anchor on my glass earlier that morning was so  simple and yet totally INCREDIBLE. I experienced such a massive change even when nothing external changed in my environment. The only thing that was different was the perspective from which I was seeing everything from. And from that perspective, it all looks so beautiful.

Love, Natalie