Big Changes Ahead!

Beautifully Balanced Diet is going through a really exciting change, and I am so happy to share it with you guys! After all of this focusing of food and how I should be eating I started to realize that a healthy lifestyle is SO MUCH MORE than that. Of course what you put into your body is incredibly important but what you put on your body can be equally impactful on your health. For a long time I was preaching the gospel of healthy lifestyle and eating clean food while simultaneously powdering my nose with and spritzing my body with toxic products. So a couple of months ago I started to clean out my cupboards of my traditional beauty and self-care products and started replacing each item piece by piece with its natural counterpart. I am not even close to being finished with this process because as you may or may not know I am quite a beauty product lover but I decided to take you guys along for the journey. Hopefully my findings will be helpful to you as you swap out your own beauty products!

While promoting a healthy diet is still a passion of mine, I have found that sharing about my discoveries with beauty and self-care products lights me up in a whole new way. Currently there is no one place you can go to find all of the natural beauty products that exist out there and my goal is to become that place! As I do the product switch over myself I have had to do a lot more digging than one would expect to learn about what is out there. I am excited to share with the world that you can look totally glamorous without having to wear a single toxic product. I'm kind of an undercover hippie or an unexpected one rather. If you see me on the day to day you will find that I wear makeup every day, my hair is usually groomed and I like to dress nicely. I'm totally girly and into looking my best which was one reason I hadn't even considered natural makeup for so long. I felt like the only natural makeup out there was simple and boring and I wasn't willing to give up my beauty routine. A little back story: I was raised in a beauty salon, hence my love for all of this. My mom owns a salon in the suburbs of Chicago and I grew up there painting my nails and getting my hair done from a very young age. I never thought I would stop getting my nails done in conventional salons because of the toxic products; but that is the position I am in today. And my vision is for these worlds to merge. My vision is to give women the option to look as primped and polished or as natural as they wish and be able to do without harming their bodies in the process.

So welcome to my journey into natural beauty. I am so happy you are coming along for the ride. Stay tuned for more changes ahead! Potentially a new website! If you have any products you would like me to write about email me at or leave a comment on my blog posts.