My Unexpected Entry Point Into Health and Wellness

There have been many things that have led to my passion for health and wellness. Being a dancer and struggling with body image issues, watching the people around me experience disintegrating health and KNOWING there was a way to live better and finding inspiration through many documentaries and nutrition books to name a few. But one of the most unexpected and rather different experiences that led me to this field was having a sick cat.

As you may or may not know I have a cat that I adopted in college named Lil, who I love very much. He's my best friend and partner! Silly as it may sound, when I moved to New York three years ago he was one of my only friends/companions/ family I had here. So when he got sick my life turned upside down. Upside down. At the time I did not know much about health or living holistically; I was much more health conscience that your average person but I didn't really see all of the connections that I do now. I was feeding myself a relatively healthy diet and I was feeding Lil what I thought was healthy as well. He was eating all natural dry cat food, and at that time I had no idea that that was not an ideal thing to feed cats. When he first started to get sick I did the first thing I knew to do, call a vet! I don't need to get into the hairy details of what was happening but I'll say this, it was very clear that something was extremely wrong and I was terrified. 

The vet came over and let me know that it was quite serious. She prescribed antibiotics and left. So I gave Lil his medicine ( which wasn't easy) and thankfully he started to seem better again. A brief history on Lil: he was adopted and he was the runt of his litter, he had many eye infections from the moment I met him and his previous vet suspected he had herpes in his eyes or possibly FIV. So health wasn't really Lil's state of being ever. Back to the story. A few weeks after he was better Lil started getting sick again and this time he also appeared to have an eye infection. My heart was nearly broken as I knew that what was happening to him could lead to serious complications and even death. I called the vet again and once again he was prescribed antibiotics. This happened FOUR more times! I felt so disempowered and hopeless, was my poor cat going to live sick forever? He was only 3 years old! And then in a moment of brilliance the universe spoke to me very clearly. I realized for the first time in all of this that I could look into alternative ways of treating this. I felt like I needed to get to the bottom of what was going on instead of treating his symptoms.

I found a holistic animal store in the east village and talked to an expert there. The first thing he asked me was, "What are you feeding your cat?" Ding ding ding the lightbulb went off! I told him and he let me know that cats are NOT meant to eat dry food it is not natural for their bodies. I had never even stopped to think that feeding Lil conventional cat food could have been harming him. I was trusting the industry to tell me how to feed my cat, something many of us do with the food we feed ourselves! He told me to switch to a natural grain free wet food diet for Lil immediately. So I did. 


While I was transitioning him to wet food (took him a while to like it) he got sick AGAIN and for the first time I trusted that his body could heal itself if given the chance. While I had fear that he would get worse without medicine, I knew I could not give him antibiotics again. So I started him on a 100% wet food organic diet that moment and I have never looked back. Like magic he did heal himself and it was amazing. Not to mention his eye infections completely cleared up! Looks like he didn't have eye herpes at all, just a poor diet. His fur started to shine and looked stronger and healthier overall. All this with a diet change. 

Witnessing all of this was life changing for me in more than one way. It was the first time I saw first hand the direct effect our diet has on our lives. It is so powerful! So that's the story, Lil completely inspired me and was a huge catalys in my journey to health and wellness.

How many symptoms do you experience on a regular basis and accept as a part of your life? Eczema, psoriasis, IBS, poor digestion, fatigue, sinus issues, the list continues. So many of these things can be cleared up or greatly improved with diet or lifestyle change. I am so grateful to have learned this lesson when I did, and so passionate about spreading the message. YOU have so much more power than you have been lead to believe.