Have your christmas cookies and eat them too

The stigma often attached to being healthy is that is requires a life of deprivation. 

A lot of times people see healthy lifestyles as living by a set of strict rules, and missing out on the fun parts of life.

I get it, because I've lived on both ends of the spectrum. I've been so out of balance that the thought of living a truly healthy lifestyle seemed crazy to me. And I've also been healthy to the point where it was unhealthy, following rules and dogma instead of listening to my own body, and alienating myself from many social situations because I was afraid to eat food that was out of my diet. When I started to learn that it all boiled down to choice making, I was able to find my balance. I was able to ditch the rules and start doing what felt right for me in EACH moment. 

With the holidays upon us, we are immediately faced with a few things. One of them being excessive amounts of food and sugar, and the other being New Years resolutions around every corner. All of this can cause so much frustration and internal conflict, but it doesn't have to.

You can be a wonderfully healthy person and eat Christmas cookies.
You can be totally in balance and enjoy a few glasses of champagne.
You can be your best self and enjoy the indulgences that go hand in hand with the holidays.

The ONLY rule is that you need to listen to yourself. That's it. Once you can hear your body and know what feels right for you in each moment, there's not need to worry about making the "right" choices, only conscious choices.

It always boils down to choice.

When I think about what got me so passionate about coaching, it always comes back to helping people make conscious choices.

This is where rules can be thrown out the window.
This is where dogma doesn't need to exist.

When you can make empowered choices in each moment, you can truly trust yourself to do what's right for YOU.

THAT is truly beautiful to me. THAT is what it's all about. THAT is freedom!

This should take the pressure off, but if it makes you feel even more stressed to be responsible for yourself in this way, don't worry. Being able to make choices that feel good for you is something that can be taught, and it's something I'm really passionate about teaching.

I want you to enjoy your life. 
I want you to be the most balanced, vibrant version of yourself possible.
I want you to feel good.

And you can do all of that, while still being able to enjoy cake every once in a while :) I mean it. 

This concept applies to food but it also applies to all areas of your life. You don't need to follow a rule book to be good. You need to follow yourself. 

Before you decide to eat a holiday cookie this week, check in with yourself. Is it what you truly want in that moment or are you simply choosing it because it's there? Let your body be your guide and F*%k the rules.

Happy holidays!



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