Get Curious

It's a beautiful fall-like afternoon here in Los Angeles, and I'm sitting at a quiet coffee shop in my neighborhood enjoying an almond milk latte. I've been pretty absent from the blog lately and honestly it's because I've been going through a ton of transitions in my life and sharing has taken a bit of a back seat.

As some of you know I recently got engaged (to the love of my life!!!) and decided to move to LA to be closer to him. This move and transition has stirred up a lot more than I could have ever expected, and it's had me in a bit of a tailspin in more moments than one. After Thanksgiving we will have officially finished the move, and I'm really excited to have my life in one place again.

If I told you this change has been easy on me, I would be lying, and I'm really not into that. At moments, it's been hard, really hard. At moments I've had to step back and reexamine what it is I'm doing in every area of my life and how it's working for me. In a lot of ways this transition has "broken me down", it's stripped away the pieces of my me, my work, and my lifestyle, that don't really need to be there. And from that break down I've had the beautiful opportunity to build myself back up. And I love building.

I find myself feeling really grateful to my spirit for always choosing to see the lesson in things. Because without that curiosity, without that seeking, I would  have probably face planted a long time ago. 

Every challenging experience is an opportunity to learn, and to grow; it can be hard to remember this when going though the trickiest moments.

But remember growing pains? Do you remember what it physically felt like to grow and feel pain as a child? Do you remember when your legs would ache, and then you would grow like 3 inches in a week?

When you're going through a tough time, and you're finding the lesson in it, it can be painful because you're GROWING. 

We're convinced that growth ends once we hit our adult height, and we get "real jobs". But that's a trap, it's a lie, and it couldn't be further from the truth.

You never stop growing.

Different aspects of you might be growing, and sure, you might not be able to see the physical changes, but you can absolutely feel the transformation that goes on inside of you.

Finding the lesson in a challenging time requires only one thing of you: curiosity. You just need to be curious. In order to learn from a situation and to allow it to unfold the way it's meant to (sometimes it can be REALLY magical!) you need to stop trying to control the situation and start asking questions about it.

Why is this happening?
What is this trying to teach me?
How can I learn from this moment?

It really doesn't matter what you ask. Just ask questions. Even if you feel angry and frustrated and like asking questions is stupid... just do it. Try it. Ask a question or two. Allow yourself to reflect. Giving yourself the space to process what's going on for you will shine light on the situation. Like taking a flashlight into the corners of a dark room.

And then you realize this transition, this tough time, this challenge, is really gift.

The times that challenge us most, always lead to the deepest transformations. 

If you're brave enough to stay curious instead of shutting down, you'll always find the silver lining. No matter how big the cloud is, no matter how grey they day, the sun is still there, you just can't always see it.

Do you get curious when things get tough? Please share, I love to hear from you.

Lots of love. Natalie