5 Steps to Get Healthier NOW

If you are like most people when you think about change you focus on all of the things that need to happen at once and you become overwhelmed by this. It is likely if you are already feeling overwhelmed before you've actually made any changes that you will not succeed in whatever it is that  you are trying to change and you will give up because it is just "too hard" or "impossible". It is really easy to live in this mindset. In fact this is the default mindset for a great deal of people. This doesn't mean most people are failures, it means that most people are capable of SO MUCH MORE than they give themselves credit for. I find that a lot of the people I meet and work with feel like they can't get healthier or have their ideal bodies or lives because there are just too many things that they would need to do in order to achieve this. I am always excited to share this tip: when we break up big goals into small action steps you will be taking clear steps towards accomplishing your goal.

So today I want to share with you five very simple steps you can take right now to start being a healthier and happier you.


1. Drink Up! - I know you hear it all of the time but there is nothing more important than drinking enough water for your health. Your body is made up of 75% water and most people are not drinking enough to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day. If you find it challenging to drink plain water, watch my YouTube video of how to make your water more exciting by clicking here. Always bring a water bottle with you when you are on the go! And don't forget to drink water first thing in the morning (hint: adding lemon to your water makes it alkaline and oh so delicious)

2. Swap Out- If you have a habit of eating refined sugar, salty snacks, or drinking too much alcohol, find a way to swap one of your bad habits out each day. Instead of reaching for the candy bar at 3pm, remind yourself to swap it out! Reach for an apple that will give you fiber and sustainable energy. If you immediately come home from work and crack open a beer or poor a glass of wine, start with a glass of water or sparkling water. I'm not telling you to give up your treats, just to find places where you can have less of them. This will make a huge change in the way you look and feel. Be patient and remember to swap it out!

3. Mix Up Your Workout- If you are already working out regularly, that's awesome! If not, don't worry you're still awesome, but let's get you moving. Whether you are coming from no exercise or a non stop workout regimen, it's important to mix it up. Trying something new will help you connect to your body more deeply. This connection is so important because the stronger it gets the more powerful you become. When you truly become connected to your internal body it becomes much easier to know when you are hungry, when you need rest, and to observe cravings and realize where they are coming form and why. I urge you to physically get out of your comfort zone at least once a week. Even if you are trying something in your living room, just do it! You will be glad you did.

4. Make Your Veggies the Main Star of Your Plate- This one is huge! If you can choose one meal a day to focus on your vegetables you will start to see and feel results quickly. Cooked veggies, raw veggies, roasted veggies, I don't care what veggies they are just eat them. We have lived in a world where the meat and rice (or some variation on that) are the main part of the meal. When in reality the vegetables should be. You don't have to be a vegetarian to eat a lot of veggies! Make 80% of your plate be filled with veggies at least one meal a day, and the other 20% can be any other (whole) food of your choice. If you need some ideas check out my recipes or my instagram for veggie inspired meals!

5. Get Some Sleep! - This, like drinking more water, is said often. It is so important that I can't make a list about getting healthier without it. Create space in your life for rest and regeneration. If this means that you have to cut out one t.v. show, so be it. Getting enough sleep will help your body function properly, it will help your metabolism work optimally, keep you from prematurely aging, and keep you from having cravings. People are more likely to eat junk food the day after they have little sleep than after a night of good sleep. Every body is different so get to know how many hours you need, and commit.

Try these five things today and see how different you feel. None of these steps are crazy extreme, you are completely capable of achieving all of them. These are simple attainable steps that will help you take a large stride in the direction of health and happiness.

Let me know how it goes! I love connecting with my readers :)