Toast Toast Toast!

Breakfast has always perplexed me up until recently. For so long I couldn't figure out what a good, healthy, and convenient breakfast looked like for me. Since a lot of my mornings include running out the door before 8am I rarely find time to sit down and enjoy a meal and often need something that is easy to take with me. For years I ate the same thing for breakfast almost every single day. Kind bars. I ate so many Kind bars that I was practically made out of them. Deep down I knew that what I was doing to my body by eating a packaged bar every morning was not good, and definitely not ideal for my well-being. But it took me a long time to address it and take action to find a new breakfast. A few months ago I started to take more responsibility for my health and decided to clear out as many packaged foods as possible. You can read more about that in my post about Getting Back on Track

Cleaning up my eating habits definitely meant exploring new, whole breakfast options. And that's when I discovered the beauty of Ezekiel toast! Ezekiel bread is made sprouted grains so it is easier to digest than other breads, it is flour free, and completely preservative free! Sold! Of course I also love smoothies and green juice for breakfast as you can see based on my many pictures of delicious smoothies. But sometimes I need something a little bit more grounding, comforting, and filling for breakfast. 


My two favorite ways to enjoy Ezekiel toast is with almond butter and with avocado. The almond butter is nutty and a little sweet (even though I buy plain raw almond butter, almonds are naturally sweet), and the avocado is more savory. Recently I added fresh blueberries to my almond butter toast, and fell in love! I am not kidding guys, I am in love with this. It is like a healthy peanut butter and jelly without all of the ridiculous amounts of fructose (aka sugar) in jelly.  Quick side note, even if jelly or jam is made with fruit and no added sugars it is still extremely high in sugar. And too much sugar, in any form is not good for you, even if it is from fruit! 


Back to toast! My favorite way to enjoy avocado on Ezekiel bread is plain and pure. I love avocados so much that I find them most delicious on their own but feel free to add sea salt, cayenne pepper, or any other seasonings you desire to avocado toast!

So there you have it. My favorite go-to breakfast when I want something a little more grounding than a smoothie. What is your favorite breakfast? I'd love to hear!


Stay Balanced,