What I Ate Wednesday!

It has been a crazy week! I feel like I have been going non-stop since Monday, and I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday and the Fourth of July! Yipee!

Wednesdays are typically busy days for me, so I need to make sure I plan ahead and prepare my meals somewhat in advance. Sometimes I don't make time to cook or prepare meals and I end up making some not so great choices. But yesterday I was on my game! 


For breakfast I had an absolutely delicious smoothie. It contained blueberries, strawberries, banana, dates, hemp seeds, and coconut water. It was the perfect breakfast for such a hot day. I love eating food that correlates with the weather, I think it makes a huge difference in how our bodies feel and adapt.


Luckily, I had a little bit of time to prepare my lunch and prep for dinner. I made a huge salad full of delicious raw vegetables and hemp seeds (I guess I ate a lot of hemp seeds yesterday). I usually add some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to my salads instead of using dressing. Yesterday I added some hummus to the mix and it was awesome! Hummus on a salad is SO good. 


My dinner was a baked sweet potato with some lightly sautéed kale, garlic, and tempeh. It was easy to make, and even easier to eat! This is a go-to meal for me. The ingredients might change but the structure stays pretty much the same. Although it may not look too pretty in a picture, it was so good! I love a good grounding meal at the end of a long day.


That's not all I ate! I also had some raw almonds, a banana, a bowl of delicious cherries, and last but certainly not least two Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I have a sweet tooth, a pretty big one.

I think preparing meals is really important and makes it much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But I also think it is equally important to listen to your body and respect what it is telling you. There are times when your body really doesn't want a raw salad for lunch, and thats ok. As long as you aren't shoveling food from a box down your throat you doing just fine. It takes time and patience to learn what your body needs and what it is asking for, but once you become connected you are golden. So, my advice? Plan ahead, but not too far ahead! Take time to notice your cravings and ask yourself whether or not it is an emotionally driven craving or a physically driven one.

So that's what I ate Wednesday. What did you eat? 

Happy Fourth of July!


Stay Balanced,