Good Morning Sunshine!

It is a hot and sticky morning here in NYC so I was wanting something refreshing today. This is one of my favorite smoothies (I have a lot of favorites) ! It is simple, quick, and oh so satisfying. Scroll down for the recipe!


Sweet Strawberry Smoothie

5 Frozen Strawberries (or fresh)

1 Frozen Ripe Banana

1 Pitted Date

1 cup Unsweetened Hemp Milk

1 Tbsp Maca Powder 


This smoothie isn't only delicious, it is also great for you! Hemp milk is rich in the plant based omega-3 fatty acid ALA. Omega-3's are excellent to keep cholesterol down, blood pressure down, and for beautiful glowing skin. That's pretty awesome! And if you are feeling tired or you simply want an energy boost, don't forget to add the Maca powder. It is an excellent natural energy booster!  

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Stay Balanced,