Sweet Home Chicago

Hi everyone! I just got back to NYC from Chicago this afternoon! My trip was amazing, and I am so grateful I was able to visit my family and my hometown.

I was born and raised in Chicago! I have been living away from the city for about seven years now. Time flies! I absolutely love it there, and this trip home totally reaffirmed the fact that I want to move back there soon. I love the balance between big city and open land that Chicago has to offer. Plus, I am a family girl and I love to be near them.

I did a lot of wonderful things and spent time with some of my favorite people while I was in Chicago. But I also experienced a great loss. Our cat Toulouse that my sister and I grew up with passed away the day after I arrived. This was a hard and emotionally taxing experience for my entire family. At first I felt upset that something so horrible would happen during the short time I had to visit with my family. But then I realized something. I realized how grateful I was to be there. If I had been far away in NYC when my family was grieving, I would have felt terribly and I would have wished to be with them. Timing can be a funny thing; some say it's everything. Whether it was coincidence or the Universe working in a beautiful way, Toulouse held on until I was there. And I am so grateful. This experience has taught me a great deal about trust. To trust my instincts, and to trust the Universe. My instincts guided me to book a flight for July 8th, there was really no specific reason I chose that date, and they led me to be there for my family in a hard time. Your internal wisdom is so much greater than you know. 

My sister and I!

Even though loss of Toulouse was challenging I still found myself laughing and enjoying time everyday. Loss is something that can easily keep a person down, but it can also be an opportunity for gratitude and growth. While this may be easier said than done, it is absolutely true. I felt more aware of the fragility of life this week and therefore very grateful for each moment I was able to spend with the people I love the most. 

I did not stick to my routine this week but I found it refreshing to change things up! I ate a lot of great food. I visited some of my favorite restaurants like the Chicago Diner! Not to mention my mom is a self-trained chef and she cooked up a storm! So it's safe to say that I was well fed. 

A beautiful salad that my mom made!

A beautiful salad that my mom made!

My favorite vegan milkshake at the Chicago Diner

My favorite vegan milkshake at the Chicago Diner

I am happy to be back to NYC and to get working again! I took some time off work while I was away, and as much as I enjoy time off I love what I do even more! I hope you all had a beautiful week.

Stay Balanced,