Stop Counting Calories and Set Yourself Free

When I stopped counting calories, my life changed. For real. I spent so many years reading the back of cardboard boxes and plastic wrap checking calorie and fat content on the food I was eating. I grew up dancing and spent a great deal of time obsessing over my weight. While I was lucky enough to grow up in a household with home cooked meals, I was left to my own devices when I went to college. It was during that time that I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into the trap of being obsessed with my weight and body image. Instead of nourishing my body with whole and healthy foods, I deprived my body of calories! Part of this was because I did not make time to take care of myself. I used the excuse of a busy to schedule to allow me to eat packaged low calorie crap! Even though I was aware of the fact that processed foods were not good for me, I felt that if I bought "natural" low calorie frozen meals that is was not such a big deal. There were many times that I felt hungry and deprived and I ignored it. Instead of hearing my body and respecting what it needed, I persisted to eat a low calorie diet in order to maintain an "image". It took me many years to come to terms with this. As I learned more about nutrition and the power of food I grew passionate and excited. Even though I had the knowledge and understood a healthy diet,  it was still challenging for me to practice it myself. 

And then finally, everything changed. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head and my heart. Ding! It's time to take care of yourself! Stop counting calories and start counting ingredients! I began to eat a mostly whole food diet, filled with fresh vegetables and fruit. Instead of feeling hungry and shaky all the time, I started to feel happy and nourished. It seems so simple now. Eat real food, enough of it, and feel your best. Of course it's not always that simple, but it can be!

Here's to eating! Eating real, raw, whole, clean, food!

xo Stay Balanced,