Be Yourself In Any Situation

It's easy to lead a perfectly healthy lifestyle when you live in a bubble. A bubble where temptations don't exist and all of the people surrounding you are supportive and making similar choices. This however is not the case for most people, including myself. I find it challenging to live maintain my lifestyle  while still having a social life. This may be a question of changing who to spend my time with, and perhaps that needs to shift. Although I don't think it's possible to solely spend time with those who are living healthy lifestyles. I don't want to exclude people from my life because they have different opinions or dietary theories than me, but I also don't want to keep people in it that bring me down. While I work on finding this balance it is important that I still treat my body well! So, what's a girl to do? I could give up and slug the beers and slam the junk food. But I don't want to do that. When I have made that choice in the past, I ended up feeling tired, heavy, and unhappy. That is not what I want! I know what choices I need to make to be my best, and I am comfortable making them, but how do I do that without pushing my choices on others? I have definitely been guilty of beating people over the head with nutritional information and advice, sometimes it's hard not to. But I am realizing that this is not the way. Instead of sharing information I need to live the life that I am so passionate about sharing! All that being said it can still be  challenging to do this while being around people making different choices. I am going to share some tips with you that I have been practicing and have been helpful to me. We all deserve to live the way that we choose, and it's important to be able to feel comfortable with yourself and your choices.


Say No

This seems simple, but it's not always easy. When you are offered something that you don't want or need, the best way to respond with with a simple and strong "No" or "No thank you". It could be a beer, cupcake, or anything else. Of course it's ok to say yes if that is what you want but if you are in a situation where you don't want to participate but also don't want to miss out saying no is really your best solution! Instead of avoiding situations altogether learn how to be yourself in any situation. This has been challenging for me, but as I practice it more it has been very beneficial. It allows me to go out with my friends and still stay true to what I want. Isn't that ideal?

Find an Alternative

Usually when you are at a party, bar, or restaurant you will find yourself with many options. Just because everyone else is grabbing for one thing, doesn't mean you can reach for something else! I always reach for sparkling water when I am in a situation with alcohol. I do drink alcohol, but on occasion. The more frequently I drink, the worse I feel. So instead of saying no to going out I just choose to drink something else. That is how I find my balance. Sometimes I have a drink other times I drink something non-alcoholic, either way I'm doing what's right for me in the moment. Instead of drinking alcohol because the people I'm with want to, I drink alcohol when I want to. This way it's not about resisting other's choices, rather it's about working with them. There's always sparkling or soda water at a bar! The same goes for food at restaurants. Don't be afraid of asking for what you need. Confidence and clarity will keep other's from questioning you so much.

Be Happy With Your Choices

If you are trying to lead a healthy balanced life, good for you! Congratulations for making choices that allow your beautiful body to thrive. Remember though, just because you want this doesn't mean the people in your life are in the same place. Of course everyone could benefit from living healthy lifestyles but as I mentioned earlier, you can't convince someone to do so, it has to come from themselves. The best way to invite your loved ones to join you in health is to lead by example. So be happy! Shine bright and be proud, humble, but proud. Allow others to see that you can be happy in any situation, even those that most find tempting. When you say no to a piece of cake or pass on a drink don't feel deprived, feel empowered! No one is forcing you to make these choices so don't be sour! The worst thing you can do for yourself is feel deprived. If you are reluctantly eating healthier or drinking less, you might as well be doing nothing at all. Intention and energy are just as important as action. Don't tell yourself or your friends you can't have something, tell yourself you can but don't want to. Stand in your power and it will be (mostly) a breeze.

I hope these tips are helpful! This is something I'm practicing regularly and I am finding great success. What is better than feeling balanced? Life is too short to live in a bubble, but it's also too short to feel like crap. Find what makes you thrive and stick to it. You deserve it!

Stay Balanced,