Get Juicing!

One way I like to set the tone for my day is by making a refreshing green juice first thing in the morning. Green juice is full of oxygen and delivers a great amount of nutrients directly into your bloodstream! I always feel refreshed and awake after a glass of juice. Below, I have shared my latest recipe! This is the “I ran out of produce and had to use anything I could find” recipe, but it actually turned out great!

Morning Juice:

1 cucumber

1 1/2 Apples

3″ Fresh Ginger

1/2 Lemon

4 Strawberries

My favorite juices are full of dark leafy greens. The more dark leafy greens in a juice the lower the glycemic index is, so you can add fruit and your blood sugar won’t spike! I will share my most common juice next time.

Stay Balanced,