Getting Back on Track

Hi Friend,

This week I am cleaning myself out. I have set me intention to eat clean and think clean. While I strive (for the most part) to live like this on a regular basis, there is something powerful about setting an intention. 

I don't know if it was the long winter here in NYC or if I am just going through a tough transition but for the past few months I have been experiencing my fair share of internal battles. I have seen this manifest itself in my diet and lifestyle quite a bit. There were plenty of days this winter that ended in a warm chocolate chip cookie followed by another warm chocolate chip cookie. I blew off many planned trips to the gym or to Yoga and that left me feeling tired and underwhelmed. Now, don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in balance and I absolutely believe that if you are in good health indulgences are important to enjoy from time to time. The trick is staying balanced and not tipping too far to one side. That is not always easy!


As I begin to find my balance again I am being patient with myself. So I want to remind you to be patient with yourself too. Whether it is with improving your diet, exercise plan, or simply your state of happiness; remember to be patient with yourself. True change does not happen overnight.  This patience that I am practicing with myself is an example of thinking clean. Instead of internal bashing and negative talk I am being kind to myself. The cleaner you think the easier it will be to eat clean. We are not compartmentalized Beings, our thoughts and our bodies are completely connected.

Hopefully that was some good food for thought! And since we are on the topic of food, let me address this wonderful array of groceries I have here. This is everything I purchased at the grocery store yesterday, and probably most of what I will need for the week. Of course I already have my staples at home (so they are not photographed) like quinoa, brown rice, farro, almond butter, almond milk, polenta, daiya cheese, organic pasta sauce, brown rice cakes, and hummus.  As you can see I stocked up on my veggies (especially avocados)! I have some dates and frozen blueberries to add to delicious smoothies. Apples I eat alone, with raw almond butter, or I add them to a green juice to give it a little sweetness. Cucumbers are a wonderful base for a green juice and they also taste lovely in a salad; I especially love them with tomatoes and farro. Last night I roasted veggies and made polenta, one of my favorite quick delicious dinners. 

It is exciting to have all of these wonderful veggie delights at my finger tips! Having all of this fresh produce should keep me on track with my intention to eat clean this week.


What is your intention for the week? I would love to hear!


Stay Balanced,