Happy, Healthy Halloween!

Hi ghoulish guys and gals!

Happy Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; it's pretty silly but I love it (probably because I was born in October). It is incredible how much has changed for me from last Halloween to this Halloween. I am going to share my experience from last year with you guys, which is a little bit scary. Although it is embarrassing to be so honest, I think it is important. We all have a journey and there is no shame in it. So here it goes...


Last year, at the first sign of Halloween season I found myself at the drug store buying a giant bag of candy corn. Yes, candy corn- candy with extremely an high sugar content! I thought that I could have a little bit and throw the rest out. But of course I ended up eating almost the entire bag that day. One handful here, one handful there, it added up. I punished myself by not eating a substantial lunch or dinner (thinking the calorie intake would somehow even itself out). Needless to mention I felt like crap, and my body was not happy with me. And then Halloween arrived. I was at work that day, at a job I was not very happy with. Once again I was in the candy isle at the Duane Reade. "It's Halloween" I thought, "I deserve to eat a lot of candy today! That's what makes Halloween fun!" I bought myself a big pack of reeses and kit kat bars. Once again eating candy throughout the day and not eating substantial meals. As I was sitting at my desk the candy would call to me and I could not stop thinking about it. I was DYING for more, even thought I had had enough! At the end of the work day I rushed home to go out with my friends and boyfriend to celebrate. Like most 20somethings in Brooklyn we went out to a bar that was decorated for Halloween. Because of the excessive amount of sugar in my body I ended up feeling the alcohol I was consuming way too quickly and way too strong. And then, of course, more candy! I found more candy at the bar and without even thinking about it, had some.  The night ended rather early because I wasn't feeling very good. I probably don't need to state the obvious but the next morning I felt BAD. Physically bad, mentally bad, and emotionally bad. My true self knew that I shouldn't be treating my body like that, not even in the name of Halloween. But at the time I wouldn't let myself see a different reality. I was stuck in the way things were; on Halloween you eat candy and drink alcohol and that's fun (right???).


This story might sound like disaster to you, like I must have been a crazy unhealthy person. But the truth is, I was not. In comparison to the general population I was a relatively healthy person. I ate my greens, drank a lot of water, watched my calorie intake and exercised (a lot). But something was missing, and I was addicted to sugar. SO MUCH has changed and I am so grateful! I have taken my health to a whole new level and feel totally empowered. I love my work (so much!), and value my body. I am experiencing joy in completely new way; so that desire for sugar and all other stimulants has faded without me even really trying.

This year, I will not have candy. Not one piece. You also won't find me hanging out in a bar. Boring? I think not! There are so many alternatives to eating refined sugar on Halloween . Here is the pumpkin pie smoothie I made today as my treat.


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

1 cup pureed pumpkin

1 1/4 cup coconut milk or almond milk

1 Tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp grade A maple syrup, or coconut nectar

1 ripe banana, frozen or fresh

1/3 cup crushed purified ice

Blend, and enjoy!

If you feel like you can relate to this story, know that I am here. Send me an email at beautifullybalanceddiet@gmail.com if you are ready to take your health to the next level. It is possible to feel empowered enough to change your life and totally ditch the things you KNOW are bringing you down. Your first 30 minute coaching session with me is FREE. Email me today to get a spot next week!

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe Halloween!