Hi, I'm Natalie, I'm a Lifestyle Coach + a certified yoga instructor, and an artist. 


I've always been obsessed with BALANCE.

Blame the Libra in me, but it's just something that's been extremely important to me since I was a little girl. Balance in my diet, balance in my lifestyle, balance in my beliefs, balance in the way I spend my time... you get the picture. I was obsessed with balance before I could even name it. I just always wanted things to be nicely even, so that I could enjoy both sides to the coin, in moderation.

So I guess that brings me to another point that I am passionate about, "Everything in moderation, including moderation." Always that. See, just because I'm in love with balance doesn't mean I haven't fallen off kilter... believe me I have, more than once, and more than I'd probably like to tell you since we're just getting to know each other. Some instances where I've completely lost my balance are when I struggled with disordered eating, when I obsessed over my weight, and when I tried too hard to fit in with different groups of people and completely threw my principles to the wind. The happy ending to all of these stories is that I always came back to my center. And each time I regained balance, I learned a little bit more about myself and my limits. 

I am...
a dancer
a yogi
a meditator
a lover of chocolate
and much, much more.

I began my journey into health and lifestyle a few years ago when I found myself in a particularly imbalanced place. After working with a Life Coach, I realized I wanted to be able to help empower people with useful tools and wisdom myself. I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I studied over 100 dietary theories and trained with leading professionals in the health and wellness field and equipped myself with a wide array of knowledge and excitement to be able to bring that to the world. And became a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach. 

Through creating a balanced lifestyle for myself I have been able to heal so many imbalances in my life, and the journey certainly continues.

So, welcome to my world! I hope you find my blog posts helpful. If there's ever anything you'd like me to cover, please feel free to reach out! I'm so happy to connect with my amazing community. You can email me any time at hello@nataliecanizares.com

If you want to learn more about my philosophy and coaching style, check out my philosophy page.

So glad to have you here.

With lots of love and humility,


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